PVC Cards Printing


pvc card printing in islamabad and Rawalpindi

PVC cards are a relatively durable marketing material that helps carry your brand to new and existing customers in a high quality, glossy format. You’ll sometimes know PVC cards referred to as plastic cards. These cards have a perfect smoothness, shiny finish that express quality and displays color well, especially if you’re using images that need rendering in a perfect display. These cards are modern resistant to wear and tear so they work better than paper materials when it comes to durability and resistance to moisture, tears and spills. If you want to produce something that customers will hang onto for longer. It’s also a much more professional marketing material compared to paper printing.

PVC cards are made using a process known as thermal transfer. This is a particularly good way of applying color to the smooth surface, so PVC cards are a good way to represent your brand and visual identity in an attractive and clear format. If color isn’t essential to your requirements, we can also offer PVC card printing in black and white. This offers the same high quality but at a cheaper price than color ink printing.

The main advantage of PVC cards is the way they can display really crisp colorful images that enhance your brand and message to your audience. We offer cards in a range of sizes; just discuss your requirements with our team and we’ll find a way to work within your budget to produce a show-stopping design.

PVC cards have effective impression, whether used for a brand, business or event in Islamabad. Just tell us what you need and how you need it, we design and print and deliver you in Islamabad and others cities.

We offer designing and printing to our customers high quality PVC cards printing using high quality paper printing in Islamabad & Rawalpindi.